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Market Stallholder Application

The Donnybrook Food & Wine Festival will be held RAIN or SHINE Saturday 27 November 2021.

Set up 7.00am - 9.30am; trading 10.00am - 5.00pm. Limited stalls available.

Do you require electricity? Electricity supply $44 (inc GST)
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Terms & Conditions

  1. Stallholders are required by Law to have Public Liability Insurance for attendance at events of this kind. All stallholders are responsible for their own public liability insurance. Wine Fest requires proof of adequate liability insurance (Certificate of Currency to be submitted with application).  Under no circumstances will the Food and Wine Fest Committee be held liable for any harm, loss or damage suffered.  The Donnybrook Wineries and Producers Inc specifically disclaim any responsibility for any harm, loss or damage that may occur to exhibitors’ goods, staff or displays.

  2. Stallholders participate at the Donnybrook Food & Wine Fest at their own risk.

  3. Final assignment of spaces for stallholders will be at the discretion of the committee and will be final and at its absolute discretion.  The committee reserves the right to reassign the space assigned, for any reason.

  4. All spaces will be clearly signed on the event day and cannot be altered unless authorised by the committee.

  5. SET UP  7.00am – 9.30am; ALL STALLHOLDER CARS ARE TO BE REMOVED FROM THE FEST SITE PRIOR TO 9.30am.  For safety reasons vehicles will not be permitted in the Amphitheatre during the Fest.

  6. PACK UP  5.00pm onwards; stallholder cars will not be allowed on the Fest site prior to 5.00pm.

  7. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, spaces for stallholders will be confined to the allocated contracted space.  The Committee reserves the right to dismantle any apparatus, structures or signs outside the area of the assigned space.

  8. RSA certificates will need to be held by all servers of alcohol at this event.

  9. Festival glasses will be on sale at the event and it is requested that shall holders direct visitors to purchase a glass if they are not carrying one.  It is requested that stall holders do not supply their own tasting glasses.

  10. Food stall applicants will be required to meet the Food and Health Requirements for Temporary Food premises, comply with Health Regulations and complete the attached form for the Shire of Donnybrook/Balingup.

  11. No animals or pets are permitted during the Fest.

  12. No smoking is permitted in the venue during the Fest.

  13. The use of any portable power generating systems during the festival opening times is prohibited without prior approval of the organising Committee.

  14. Waste to be disposed of in an appropriate manner.

  15. All vendors must leave their site clean & tidy.

  16. All application fees are non-refundable or transferable once a stall has been confirmed.

  17. This is a rain or shine event.

  18. Stallholders must provide all their own equipment including marquees, tables, chairs etc

  19. Committee reserves the right to refuse the application of a stallholder if goods are not considered appropriate for the theme of locally sourced and/or produced wine & food.

  20. No application shall be deemed accepted until an official receipt is issued to the applicant and all conditions outlined in this document are met.

  21. The Food and Wine Fest committee may terminate the Stallholder’s participation forthwith where the exhibitor breaches the terms and conditions of this agreement and may require the exhibitor to remove its products and services immediately.  All determinations made by the Food and Wine Fest Committee will be final and binding.

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